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 Albert Belfort Helpers Application

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PostSubject: Albert Belfort Helpers Application   Albert Belfort Helpers Application EmptySun Nov 12, 2017 6:20 pm

Albert Belfort Helpers Application Downlo13

Advisory Team Application

What's your ingame name: Albert Belfort

Age :15 Years

Timezone: +1:00

Any OOC prison: Nope

Why do you want to join the Advisory team?:I love helping people in need for help and always trying to help people. it would be my pleasure if i could be able to join and work in the Community Helper team for our Community. I'm basically active everyday for around 3hrs to 5hrs and above 5hrs on weekends, so I'm pretty active. I have been helping people on /n for some time now and I feel like its time to Work for our Community Officialy.
i feel like i should now join Helper team and start helping our community. And also to progress myself within this community ICly. i want to show the players that there is some one who care for them even if they are new. o also spend a lot of time on this server, and that means playing during periods where no helpers are online and available for the new players.
helping out the newbies that are new and introduce them to Faro Gaming Roleplay. can roleplay and be Helper on same time, i'm very active player and i promise that players well talk about me all the time cuss i well respect them and do every thing for the new players and help them to get to the top!!! Also i wish to help people in this server, I got a three years of SAMP experience, where two of them is RP. Been on famous SA-RP and LS-RP (No advertion) And I know basics in RP. So mainly, my goal will be to help people, and spend my experience.
(150 words minimum)

Why should we choose you instead of another application ?:I believe you should choose me out of the other applicants I should be employed because I have excellent knowledge of the many frequently asked questions, also have a fairly good knowledge on the others that are not so generally asked in the newbie chat. I've had a good experience in answering questions that new players have asked, in game and in newbie chat. I think that i will be a excellent if not great asset to the helper team. I also believe that all new players should be treated the same as experienced players, new players just need those few questions answered then they can enjoy the role playing experience with the rest of us. Overall my main reason why you should choose me is because I have a good understanding of international gaming role play server, I also want to help new players helping them to understand anything they would like to know. (100 words minimum)

Do you have past experience in the server ?: Yes i do.

How long have you been playing FGRP?: 1 month [/b]

[b]How many hours can you play in each day?: 6 or 5 hours

Where are you from?:Belgium

Screenshot of your /stats:

Do you have teamspeak? [Yes/No]:Yes i have

Do you have working Microphone: [Yes/No]: Yes i do.
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Retired Lead Head Administrator
Retired Lead Head Administrator

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Albert Belfort Helpers Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Albert Belfort Helpers Application   Albert Belfort Helpers Application EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 10:30 am

Dear applicant, your application has been Denied
Following Reason: Recruitment Closed

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Albert Belfort Helpers Application
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