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PostSubject: Application                                                           Application EmptyTue Nov 21, 2017 2:24 am

                                                        Application OALVMEN
Standard Application




Date of Birth:
03 March 2000

Place of Birth:
Los Santos,Medical Hospital

Current Address:
Teirra Robada

Contact Number:


Biography:(100 Words)
My name is Alexander Winchester and i'm 17 year's old. My parents are not rich but middle class. I had a regular education growing up. I made all A's as I grew up. My parents then put me in a private school away from the crime and drugs. I was shipped off to Las Venturas to a boarding school. It was an all boys school. I concentrated very much on my school work. I never really did get in with the wrong sort. I really just lived an ordinary life in my eyes. My dad was a chef and my mom is a insurance agent. I loved my Italian life style.  We would always have the biggest feast. My family would come fly in from Rome, Italy. It was a good life style to live. Later when i turned twelve my parents took me out of boarding school because we could not pay for it anymore. My dad had become sick with throat cancer. We had to spend most of our money on him. We, moved to Bluberry for this purpose. They had a better medical facility then all of San Andreas.

I was in high school now. I was moving up in the world. I was treated poorly there. I was called all sorts of names. They all hated me because I was so smart. They all seemed like trash to me. I knew when I grew up I was going to put people away like them. I thought of back home, my real home in Verona. I always wanted to go back there. My dad was getting sick and sicker. I spent all the time I could with him. I feared the worst. Sometimes I would find my mom crying in her room about dad. That would make me sad. When I came home from school one day. I found my mom sitting in her favorite chair. Just sitting doing nothing. I asked her whats wrong? she told me " Your father has passed away Miles." I was devistated. I stormed to my room. I just sat there thinking about what to do with my life then. My mom took it so lightly. Who would teach me about all the stuff I still didn't know? Who will teach me about life? Who will be there for me when I need them most? All of these questions racing through my head. Me and my mom moved to a little apartment near Ganton. When I would look out the my bedroom window I would see drug deals go on. I thought to myself " this must be stopped." I new what my life path would be from now on. I would become a cop. It was my dream. I was going to become the best cop there was. I'm going to prevent all of these deal from happening. All of these robbery's from ever happening again. It was my destiny I thought. I later finished high school and entered a police academy in Los Santos. Here I was going to become a trained police officer. I could not wait to stop the crime. Professionalism, Justice, and liberty were the most important words to me. I focused very much on my work in the academy. I did the best I could and sure enough I was later promoted to cadet of the LSPD. I was an officer for a couple years now.

When I was an officer in LSPD I did my best to take the crimes off the streets and the bad shipments coming in from San Fierro. I later then met a lot of my friends in LSPD. I saw the work of the FTO division and I thought I would like to do that someday.One day when I was just waiting on a corner for truckers I got a call on the department radio. It seemed we had an 11-99. This was my first 11-99. I raced back to 10-19 and suited up. This was it. I was going to take down crime just as I had dreamed of. This was big I couldn't mess this up. I had my cadet in the passenger and me in the driver seat. We raced to Flint Gas station at 90 MPH. Our sirens were blaring. I was going to put away these men. Men were holding up the gas station. We had to breach the station with guns blazing. I was at the front of the line. I kicked the door open and I shot a man in the chest who dropped to the floor immediately. Then followed my Sergeant behind me. He shot two men to the right of me who were just about to pull the trigger and hit me. I couldn't stop and thank him as there were six more men inside. I went down the hall and looked to the right. There was a man aimed at me with a desert eagle. He shot the gun right at me. I felt a warm feeling in my chest when he did this. Next thing I know I couldn't stand on my own. I fell to the ground hitting the shelf beside me. I slowly looked down at my chest and saw a blood stain. The fifty caliber bullet pierced through my armored vest. I had a bullet in my chest. I sat there as guns were fired above me. Everything was in slow motion. I heard guns shooting, people yelling, my mind couldn't comprehend what was going on. I was in shock. I slowly closed my eyes. This was the end were my final thoughts. Everything was black after that.

I woke up. I was in All Saints hospital. I looked up and heard a pulse meter beeping. I looked at my chest and sure enough there were patches on my chest. Five minutes later a nurse came in. She said how do you feel Mr. Chicano? I was trying to remember what had happened. I asked her where I was and she told me. I asked her if we got the men we were going for? She laughed slightly and said yes. I then breathed a sigh of relief. I asked her if anyone else was hurt. She told me my partner was hit in the thigh but was recovering slowly. I told her I had a slight pain in my chest though. She told me that it would go away as I recover. She walked out but not before I thanked her. I thought about what I would do with my life after this.I recovered and rejoined my ranks in LSPD

Skills & Experience:(100 Words)
I got a few skills only my special skill is shooting and any I can do my best to be the best one and also I can handle a Cadet as what 've put in my experience and my skills which is can help to our department and My goal would be to help out people , make town more peacefull and enjoyable. I'd give my best to make sure that this town is totally safe.I got huge experience, i am skilled driver and as i have readed LSPD Requriments i have everything , I got my close friends in LSPD , It would be very nice to work with them. I can handle a gun , i am very capable and resourceful.I worked for LSPD before and for FBI,too.Iam the old man in the uniform and I know how to do my job.

Why do you want to join the LSPD?(100 Words)
I want to join the LSPD, because there are too many hidden crimes in Los Santos and I’m conscious that I will help the State of Los Santos to fight against those Crimes, I would at least reduce the crimes of Los Santos and have alot of pride in it as well. I also understand that this line of job is about having high power, but to me this is more than just having a gun. I would be very happy protecting the streets of Los Santos, and finally feel that I’m completing my dreams, this would tell me that really anything in life is possible and don’t ever stop trying in life cause eventually if you keep trying you will complete and live that dream, and I also have a certificated Diploma in Criminal Justice, I’m also fascinated with the way, that LSPD works, there coordination, teamwork. 




United Kingdom

Alternate Accounts/Past Names:
Yuri McCullen/Zack Reigns

Do you have TeamSpeak installed?

Do you have a working microphone?

Do you meet the requirements?

Stats Screenshot #1

Stats Screenshot #2

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Herman the German

Herman the German

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PostSubject: Re: Application                                                           Application EmptyTue Nov 21, 2017 11:21 am

@Herman the German wrote:
                                                        Application BeZOAhZ
Los Santos Police Department
Office of Administration

Dear applicant,

We are happy to inform you that your initial application has been reviewed and accepted by our administration bureau, and we like to welcome you to our department. Please come on down to our central station at Pershing Square to get your interview.Before doing so, you are required to read and understand this document.

Signed, approved
Herman Anderson
Captain of Administration

Vice P. Administration
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Herman the German

Herman the German

Posts : 17
Join date : 2017-10-23

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PostSubject: Re: Application                                                           Application EmptyTue Nov 21, 2017 5:56 pm

Approved, Signed


Assistant Chief Herman Anderson
Lead administration
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PostSubject: Re: Application                                                           Application Empty

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