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 Accepted Applicants - Format

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Brian Mason
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Retired Executive Administrator

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Accepted Applicants - Format Empty
PostSubject: Accepted Applicants - Format   Accepted Applicants - Format EmptyMon Dec 04, 2017 8:49 am

Accepted Applicants - Format XWhpaae
Accepted Applicants - Format YsNwX1n
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department

Accepted Applicants - Format YsNwX1n

Dear applicant, after reviewing your application we have found some errors. This application has been placed ON-HOLD. You have 48 hours from when this message being sent to fix your application, failing to fix your application to the required standard will result your application to be DENIED. This is the error(s) found:

  • At the Biography, Please fix your grammar!

Attention Applicant and Citizen of Los Santos
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Accepted Applicants - Format
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