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 [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied)

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Don Scaletta

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[Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) Empty
PostSubject: [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied)   [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) EmptySun Nov 19, 2017 3:45 pm


Vito was born in San Martino, Sicily in 1925 into a very poor family. At the age of seven his father decided to move the family to America to start a new life. Sadly, even in Empire Bay, they couldn't escape poverty. He watched his father work himself into an early grave and soon decided that life inside the law wasn't for him.

Growing up on the streets, Vito crossed paths with Joe Barbaro, a loudmouthed bully who eventually became his best friend. Vito and Joe were the brains and the brawn behind a hundred petty crimes, all the while watching the neighborhood's wealthy gangsters and dreaming of the good life. Now an adult, Vito is determined to make something of himself at all costs.

After being arrested in 1943, Vito is given the choice of going to jail or joining the U.S. Army. Vito chooses the Army and is assigned to the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. On July 11, 1943, Vito and his squad are en route to southern Italy when their plane is hit by flak and goes down. Outnumbered and behind enemy lines, they join forces with the local resistance in an attempt to liberate the town of San Celeste. In the midst of battle Don Calò, head of the Sicilian Mafia, arrives and instructs the Italian soldiers to surrender, which they do out of respect for him.

With his share of the debt in hand, he goes to meet up with Joe, only to find out he's been taken to be interrogated by Frank Vinci. Once he frees Joe from Vinci's men, he takes their combined earnings and pays off the loan to Bruno. He then goes home to wonder how things got so far out of hand and what it's going to take to straighten it all out.

Vito doesn't have to wonder for long, as the next day he's contacted by Leo Galante and told of the war that's erupted due to his and Joe's assault on the Triads and that his only chance at redemption is for him to kill Carlo Falcone. With no other choice, he heads to Falcone's observatory to take him down.

After a lengthy firefight and some help from Joe, Falcone is finally dead. Exhausted by the stress of recent events, Vito and Joe leave the planetarium to find Galante waiting outside with a group of Vinci's men. Galante announces that they will celebrate and invites Vito to join him in his limo while Joe is escorted to another waiting vehicle. As they drive away, Vito is informed that his deal only covered him. He watches helplessly as his best friend is driven away to meet whatever fate awaits him.

Vito was exiled to New Bordeaux as part of a deal negotiated by Leo Galante that allows Vito to live after his assault on the Empire Bay Triads.
Throughout the years, Vito was working for a Marcano Crime Family and peacefully died.


Vito was married to Angelina in New Bordeaux, within the years she was pregnant and Antonio Scaletta was born.
Severals years later, Vito died as a result of an assassination that was suspectly done by the people of Carlo Falcone.
Antonio grew with his mother until he reached the age of sixteen, and then left the home, his mother later on died due to getting old and she was burried in New Bordeaux.
Antonio was graduating from school as a result of a pledge between him and his mother but later on found himself joining certain crime groups and organizations.
He had a difficult childhood and he was all alone, breadwinners himself in a very young age.
Antonio survived throughout the years and decided to emigrate to San Andreas, especially Los Santos.
Antonio was thirty-three years old when he emigrated to Los Santos and decided to start a new life and leave everything behind him.


Antonio was working as a driver in a deliveries company somewhere in Ocean Docks until he received a call from a good friend of him, Tyler J Smith.
Tyler was offering jobs to Antonio, which was illegally and Antonio was satisfied from those jobs.
And then one day changed everything, Antonio wanted to run his private family without being a part of one or to receive jobs from a person like his father, Vito, was.
Antonio had some financial problems to begin his "project", but Tyler was assisting him with all his problems.
Now, Antonio and Tyler became very best friends and they're both going to run the Scaletta's Crime Famiglia.


R0 - Estraneo (Stranger/Recruit)
R1 - Socio (Associate)
R2 - Soldato (Soldier)
R3 - Soldato Onorato (Senior Soldier)
R4 - Caporegime (Head)
R5 - Consigliere (Adviser/Underboss)
R6 - Don (Godfather, Boss)


Finanza (Finance) - Members who assigned to this division are controlling the family's financial status, salaries of members, etc.

Sicurezza (Security) - Members who assigned to this division are doing as the same as the division is named, security, they're guarding the honorary members within the family and ensures they're safe at all costs.

Classificato (Classified) - Members who gets into this division are probably fulfilling missions and assignments which ordered by higher ranks, such as: assassinations, deals, etc.

Onore - All honorary members within the family are to be assigned to this divisions.








(R6) Don - Antonio Scaletta
(R5) Consigliere - Tyler J. Smith
(R1) Socio - William Connor



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Don Scaletta

Posts : 3
Join date : 2017-07-09

[Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied)   [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) EmptyMon Nov 20, 2017 9:47 am

* Pending Asst./Director of Gang Management's Approval *

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Executive Director
Executive Director

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[Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied)   [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) EmptyMon Nov 20, 2017 6:32 pm

This gang application is denied.
Due to the following reasons.

First of all you need to post this in Other RP Threads section, fill up your Gang Roleplay with screenshots, and gather up members while you do so, then after 1 week of roleplaying around the city and updating your Roleplay thread, you can apply.

This gang application has no starting members.
This gang application has no roleplay posts(SS's).
This gang's storyline is too small.(Write a bigger story and I'd suggest adding some pictures to it)

Review what I wrote and start from there. Good luck!
This gang can re-apply after 1 week.
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[Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied)   [Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied) Empty

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[Pending Review] Scaletta's Crime Famiglia(Denied)
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