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 Romeo's Helper Application.

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PostSubject: Romeo's Helper Application.   Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:36 pm

What's your ingame name:
Romeo Garcia

Age :


Any OOC prison:

Why do you want to join the Advisory team?:

I love helping people in need for help and always trying to help people. it would be my pleasure if i could be able to join and work in the Community Helper team for our Community. I'm basically active everyday for around 3hrs to 5hrs and above 5hrs on weekends, so I'm pretty active. I have been helping people on /n for some time now and I feel like its time to Work for our Community Officialy.
i feel like i should now join Helper team and start helping our community

Why should we choose you instead of another application ?:

I'll take the work seriously and if anyone needs me i will try my best to help anyone and anytime. This is why You guys should Accept my to be a Community Helper . i can assure you that if you guys will choose me as a community helper then you guys wont regret it. i will try my best to work as a Community Helper as I love helping people as much as i can.

Do you have past experience in the server ?: Yas

How long have you been playing FGRP?: Since 3weeks ago

How many hours can you play in each day?: 3-5

Where are you from?: Pakistan

Do you have teamspeak? [Yes/No]: Yeah

Do you have working Microphone [Yes/No] Yeah[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Romeo's Helper Application.   Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:02 pm

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Retired Lead Head Administrator
Retired Lead Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Romeo's Helper Application.   Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:47 pm

Your application has been Denied - Luck of Effort ,the recruitment from your timezone is closed.
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PostSubject: Re: Romeo's Helper Application.   

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Romeo's Helper Application.
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