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 LSPD || Claim your badge number

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Herman the German

Herman the German

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LSPD || Claim your badge number Empty
PostSubject: LSPD || Claim your badge number   LSPD || Claim your badge number EmptyFri Dec 01, 2017 4:27 pm

LSPD || Claim your badge number Nv5lhh
Los Santos Police Department
Bureau of Administration
Office of Public Relations

Copy and reply to this thread using this format:

[left][font=Trebuchet MS]I, [b]*name[/b]* accepted the rules of the department, will always stay loyal, will not abuse my power, and will try to do my best. I,[b] *name*[/b] have read and understood the meanings of the handbook and will not diverge from my terms and always respect my higher ranks.[/font][/left]
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LSPD || Claim your badge number
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