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 Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK]

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Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK] Empty
PostSubject: Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK]   Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK] EmptyWed Oct 11, 2017 12:58 pm

Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK] Downlo13

Advisory Team Application

What's your ingame name:
Abigail Mengo

Age :

Oceanic (OC)

Why do you want to join the Advisory team?: (75 words minimum) Having been around for quite a while, almost a month and seeing the potential of the server, i feel I could help it in this stage. The advisory team so far as I have seen is rather good actually and I feel that a good advisory team creates a much better impression about the server, indirectly adding to its reputation and playerbase. Seeing the opportunity this server has for development, I'd like to help it come up to the level of those others. I would love to have this server grow, and if being a helper adds to that, well then why not.

Why should we choose you instead of another application ?: (50 words minimum) I have nothing exceptional or out of the way to say here. Basically just the average guy who wishes to help around. So I'll just state what I do have: I'm friendly and amiable. Almost all of my friends can vouch for that and the lack of any 'rivals or hate' should also convey the same. I'm also quite patient. I don't simply rush around with thinks and also feel that new players should be given the time to get accustomed to the new server, after all the starting of their experience makes the want to stay here. So yea I'm patient in that regard. I also am a problem solver. That is, I try to solve everything that comes my way and not just procrastinate it. Lastly, I'm a guy who is quite disciplined IRL (IG character aint no shit xd). So I like to keep things in an order, done properly and in a sequence of sorts. So yea if any rulebreaker or a guy of 'bad intentions' comes my way, I'll do what's in my power to make sure they get the idea of 'RP' and what the server represents. So you could say I can exercise control judiciously.

Do you have past experience in the server ?: Honestly, not here. But have been a NGRP'er for almost 2 years.

How long have you been playing FGRP?:  
About a month but i dont think that should really count, considering the basic RP factor being the same almost at every server.

How many hours can you play in each day?: An hour and half upto three. Depends on IRL work i have.

Where are you from?: Living in India.

Screenshot of your /stats:

Screenshot of Typing Speed:
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Retired Lead Head Administrator
Retired Lead Head Administrator

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Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK]   Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK] EmptyMon Nov 27, 2017 9:40 pm

Dear Applicant, Your application has been Denied.
Following reasons: Inactive ,The team currently full.

Winterberg DoPR
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Abigail Mengo | Helper Application [BACKGROUND CHECK]
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