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 Restricted lastnames are the folowing

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Alexandru Blaker

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Restricted lastnames are the folowing Empty
PostSubject: Restricted lastnames are the folowing   Restricted lastnames are the folowing EmptySun Oct 01, 2017 2:30 pm

Restricted last names list:

_Colton- Owner Jennifer

_Ryders- Owner Neo & Tony Ryders

_Skinner- Owner Walter Skinner

_Black- Owner Allen Black

_Freeman Owner Curtis Tight Freeman

_Ancelotti Owner Steven S. Ancelotti

_Hanako-Owner- Akira/Jin- Hanako

_Xin_Lancer- Owner Tanner Xin Lancer

_Fortunato- Owner Casper Fortunato

_Bishop - Owner Alexandru Bishop

Vi._Vikouri Owner- Kazuko Vi. Vikouri

Nick_Steels Owner-Nick Steels / Tony Steels

Thorne Owner- Emmet Thorne
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Restricted lastnames are the folowing
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