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 Gang Announcement(Important)

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Retired Executive Administrator

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PostSubject: Gang Announcement(Important)   Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:40 pm

According to the following:-

1- Some families have been merged

2- Other families are currently bugged

3- The lack of family members

- Some families have been deleted
- Only 4 families will remain :-

1- Grove Street Families Slot Holder ( Jimmy_Tex)
2- El Mohagreen Slot Holder ( Martin_Lorenzo)
3- Asesino Loco Slot Holder (Klint_Aztecas)
4- Arian Brother Hood Slot Holder (Allen_Loc)

The four families would have enough members to ( roleplay/fight/claim turfs/raid/capture points)

Once a family/gang becomes official, they still must continue updating the roleplay thread atleast once in one week with new roleplay.

also, they must follow These Rules.)

Also keep in mind, If a family or a gang (Offical & Unoffical) won't update their Roleplay thread once aweek, they'll receive a strike, after 3 strikes the gang/family would get disbanded
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Gang Announcement(Important)
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