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PostSubject: ROX Triads (FIXED APPLICATION)   Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:30 pm


ROX Triads is criminal organization set in Los Santos their leaders are Ethan Sato who was borned in China year 1997 his father died when he had 14 years he was killed
by Japanese Yakuza members. His parents were hiding the true from him his father was leader of South Chinese Triads and by family tradition he was supposed to take his
father role and become leader of South Chinese Triads but no one expected that his father will die this early. His mother knew it was too dangerous to stay in China
becouse Yakuza took away some Triad turfs and they knew his father Yee Sato had son and they were looking for him but no one knew he was that young.. Ethan's mother and
Ethan escaped to Canada his mother was borned there and she had brother in Canada so they stayed there for some time. Six years passed by and it was time for Ethan to hear
the truth.. He was shocked and he decided to go back to China and take over the position of leader.After few weeks they arrived in China but Yakuza took over whole city of
Peking.It was too dangerous for him to stay in city so he moved in Nanjing to meet his friend who was also son of important Triad member who was good friend oh his father.

So when they arrived in Nanjing few Yakuza members attacked him and his mother Ethan was driving so he couldnt attack back or do anything his mother was shot and killed in
that attack he escaped and he called his old friend Kevin Sato who is also the leader of ROX Triads.. Kevin picked him up and took him to new Chinese South Triads headquaters
and they talked about gang.Gang was dying Japanese Yakuza took everything from them they decided to move out from China to Los Santos and start new gang with few members.
Since Kevin's father was important triad member just like Ethan's father he helped them with weapons and members alot of Chinese South Triads became ROX Triad members and
they are planning to take over whole Los Santos and get revange on Yakuza.


SHAN CHU (RANK 6) - is a member of the council and gets a say in how the Triad is ran. A Shan Chu is also a Tong owner and has all the say in his Tong and how he it is ran. As a Shun Chu you automatically receive the most respect out of anyone in the family. There can only be 4 Shan Chu's at a time. All the different Shan Chu's will have their own job in the family ranging from, Right handman, Advisor, Overseer of Fu Shan and Internal Affairs. Only Dragon Heads can appoint someone a Shan Chu.

Fu Shan (RANK 5) - is the second in command of the tong. However, a Fu Shan is not a member of the Triad council and has no say nor is he allowed to know what goes down in the meetings. Fu Shan’s look over Red Poles and makes sure they are doing their job right. He also can recommend people for Red Pole however; the Tong owner must approve it. Only a Shun Chu can appoint someone a Fu Shan.

RED POLE (RANK 4) - are a next in line for Fu Shan and are in control of the legal fonts. Its their job to make sure cops are not snopping around the business for criminal activity. As a Red Pole you get to have your own business venture and is expected to be professional and have respect for everyone at any time. A Red Pole can also hold and or ask a Fu Shan or above to promote a White Lotus to Grass Sandal. A Fu Shan can appoint someone a Red Pole when they want too.

Paper Fan (RANK 3) - are like Human Resources members and are in charge of teaching young Triads the way of the tong and the Triad Oath. Paper Fans may run their small group of young Triads and act as their Dragon Head. They are the youngest with the most experience and knowledge in the Tong. Paper Fans are like "Big Brothers" to the younger members.

Grass Sandal (RANK 2) - are full time members of the Tong and are given the title after going through the Grass Sandal ceremony where they are “reborn” and must swore and oath to put his or hers Brothers first over anything else.They are to act professional at all time and carry their title with honor. This is the simplest it gets. At this rank the member can choose to either stay in it forever or get promoted to Paper Fan once the time arises.

White Lotus (RANK 1) - These are new recruites. They serve has enforces and members over anything else. They are easy to come by and can be replace easily. At this stage, you only have one chance. If you fuck up you are killed instantly. This is a stage were proving yourself is the most importended part of all. You are not trusted at all and noone will share information to you. You are not to speak up or share your concerns. Just do as told and nothing more.

Outsider (RANK 0) - is member who just joined family and he isn't allowed to do anything without permission.




Shan Chu (R6)

Fu Shan (R5)

Red Pole (R4)

Paper Fan (R3)

Grass Sandal (R2)
No Members

White Lotus (R1)
No Members

Outsider (R0)
No Members


Request: As we don't play on this server alot if we get slot my friends will come but I wanna request katana toy as our repfam toy and we don't have rp screens on this server we can upload some from NGRP, Limitless or LSRP
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PostSubject: Re: ROX Triads (FIXED APPLICATION)   Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:41 pm

Accepted Contact me IG
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PostSubject: Re: ROX Triads (FIXED APPLICATION)   Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:35 pm

Denied, you already have a gang application.
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PostSubject: Re: ROX Triads (FIXED APPLICATION)   

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